One–On–One Coaching

Veronica Crystal Young

"Feel in your Bones" who you are and connect more deeply with your true "I AM". Know your Power to live Life with joy, dreams and freedom from the past.


7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power

What does it take to start living your KICKASS destiny filled with joy, dreams & freedom from the past?

Live Life with Conscious Powerful Intention

Your Age, Past Trauma or Past Mistakes do not Define You
Can you relate to the words “power” and "self-confidence?" How about “choice” and “balance?” Do you find yourself constantly saying "I can't" or "I shouldn't" or "what will I do now?" Juggling work, family, friends, everyday challenges of life have been your norm, now you may find yourself alone, bored, and wanting to rekindle that passion for life. Or maybe even dare to dream about your passion? You know the one. The one you gave up because you started a family, got married, started a job, or had other responsibilities that just didn’t allow for your dream pursuit?
Or maybe you have been thru some traumatic events in your life that have added dis-empowering beliefs that do not serve you and stop you in your tracks when you desperately want to live your passion and life’s calling? Or in contrast, you are now alone due to retirement, a divorce, the kids flying the coup, or maybe, just maybe, you just want a change and are not sure what that change is?
I believe every woman has powerful gifts to share. I believe that when you examine and discover what connection is creating fear, holding you back and the emotion attached to it, then you have the conscious ability to make informed choices. Choices that can change your way of "Being," and change results, and find true happiness and joy. Contentment, self-confidence and success follows.
"I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions about work life, other interests and uncertainty. Veronica was able to help me put things in perspective. Our meetings were sometimes emotional as they touched on inner feelings, vulnerability and trust.Through this process I have noticed a greater level of confidence, security in being myself, not caught up in people pleasing and maintaining integrity and humbleness, which is the person I AM. I am fortunate to have had Veronica help me navigate my journey to being a successful, powerful woman." -L. COLEMAN

I work with women who want to:

  • Leave the past behind that might be stopping them from joy, peace & fulfillment
  • Feel connected to their inner strength, power and intuition
  • Get crystal clear on their passions and gifts and feel excited to share them
  • Discover steps & systems for how to move out of immobility
  • Always use their unique voice & show up as their authentic "I AM"
  • Rediscover energy and focus
  • Clear fear or lack of confidence
  • Love and appreciate who they truly are
  • Change their being to be fearless and go after what they want
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